vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Kieslowski on Tarkovsky

 Krzysztof Kieslowski
Andrey Tarkovsky was one of the greatest directors of recent years. He's dead, like most of them. That is, most of them are dead or have stopped making films. Or else, somewhere along the way they've irretrievably lost something, some individual sort of imagination, intelligence, or way of narrating a story. Tarkovsky was certainly one of those who hadn't lost this. Unfortunately, he died. Probably because he couldn’t live any more. That’s usually why people die. One can say it’s cancer or a heart attack or that the person falls under a car, but really peoplle usually die because they can’t go on living.”
(Krzysztof Kieslowski – Kieslowski on Kieslowski, Faber & Faber, London, 1993, pp. 33-34)
 Andrey Tarkovsky